Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dork of the Day!

I was looking for a valid list of deadliest spiders to post but when I came across this list I just had to show you. I could at least list of 10 deadly spiders but I still wanted to do research to make sure I got them right. Obviously, the author of this article was less fortunate. Not only did they misidentify a spider as a poisonous one, but most of the spiders on the list were harmless!

First of, the picture they show of a "Banana Spider" is actually a Golden Silk Spider. Completely harmless and found in SE United States. It also features tarantulas which are not poisonous. And of the few poisonous ones that they show are so timid they could hardly be considered "most deadly".

Here is the link so you can see BS at its finnest.

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