Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Woman pregnant after Uterus Implant

In Ankara, Turkey, a medical miracle has happened. A woman with a transplanted womb has been pregnant for 6 weeks, and the fetus is healthy. Born without a uterus, 22 year old Derya Sert was doomed never to be a mother, that is, until August of 2011. It was then that she received the donor womb. Sert was impregnated, using one of her own eggs back in March. If a successful birth follows this endeavor, it will bring hope to women who are born with out uteri. According to Akdenz University Hospital, the hospital that has performed the transplants, 1 in 5,000 women are born without a uterus. As of this article's writing, that means that there are 707,854 uterus-less women who now have a hope.

Derya isn't the first to receive a successful womb transplant. In September, doctors in Sweden performed the very first mother-to-daughter womb transplant without any complications. I find this interesting. If the daughter were to get pregnant and have a child, her son or daughter will have grown in the same womb that his or her mother did!  

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